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You’ve done it! You poured your heart and soul into your work and now you are ready for the world to see it. But, is it really ready to be seen? And how will readers find it in today’s flooded book market?


We offer everything the indie writer needs to self-publish their work: editing, formatting, and book cover-design for print or eBook. We will walk you through the maze of services like amazon’s publishing portal. Along with creative content writing, we also offer Indie Authors website-design & hosting. We work with most genres’ including children’s books


One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a author is not getting your book edited properly. Sure, we’ve all seen books on the market with poor editing, some by best selling authors. If you’ve noticed these errors, so has everyone else. What this means is that if you expect your work of art to stand above the rest it needs to be edited professionally.
The galleys
Editing for plot & story continuity. Includes basic paragraph and sentence structure issues – $3.50 per 1,000 words – For example, a 60,000 word novel = $210.00 
Unless you have very good Beta readers available to you, this should be done before a final edit.
Final edit 
Cleans up grammar and punctuation – $8.00 per 1,000 words – For example, a 60,000 word novel = $480.00

Interior Formatting Print & eBook

Book Kindle
Just like poor editing, bad or careless formatting can distract readers from even the best written & edited story. Dark Harbor Publishing Service will give your book the professional look it deserves.
Formatting for print (i.e. Amazon Createspace) from a DOCX document(i.e. Microsoft Word) – $269.00 up to 90,000 words.
Formatting for e-book (i.e. Kindle Direct and B&N Nook Press) –$239.00 up to 90,000 words.
For both (Recommended) – only $449.00 up to 90,000 words.
Please ask us for a quote on larger files.

Current average turn around time for both print and e-book is 14 days. Ask about our full color picture book formatting. Price based on project size and complexity of layout. Free consultation available.


Cover Design And Formatting

Salty Tails
Dark Harbor Publishing
Covers sell the book. It’s a fact, and whether we wish to admit it or not, consumers always have and always will purchase books based on their cover. Just as a well designed book cover can help sell a book, a bad cover design can hurt your sales.
Prices start at $149.00 for e-book cover design, depending on elements (custom artwork, in-house photography) and complexity of design. Formatting our cover design for print, add $29.00 -Formatting for print & e-book using your own cover design – $99.00 –Dark Harbor Publishing will do everything we can to give your book the cover it deserves, at a price you can afford.
We would be happy to discuss your cover ideas in our free consultation.