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Whether you’ve been in business for six months, six years, or sixty years, the only certainty is that sooner or later something is going to go wrong.  This is not an if, it is simply a matter of when. Something those of us in the custom car, truck, and trailer, design world understand all to well. With this fact firmly in mind, the real question a business like ours should be asking is not if or when a problem will arise, but, how will we as a company deal with it when it happens?
The fact is, customers may not always understand how, or care what we do when we customize their vehicle, but they are certainly not stupid. They expect a top custom fabrication and design studio to deliver on their promises. 
 In fact today, with the Internet and social media, consumers are better informed than any time in history.  This is both good and bad. Good when trying to explain why we may charge a certain price for a certain custom design idea. Bad if you don’t deliver.  In today’s evolving social media world, we can’t simply brush our problems under the hood. 

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The principals of Granite Coast Entertainment Inc. are thrilled to announce the launch of Granite Coast Radio and Granite Coast Magazine. Our company will focus on promoting independent music from all six New England states through our online radio stations and top quality, full color magazine, but will also feature some of New England’s well known national acts.
Granite Coast Magazine will be a free, quarterly publication with planned special editions, while the three online radio stations will cover genres from Americana to metal, while also promoting New England’s vast sports scene. The company will also promote local businesses and events through both media sources. Granite Coast Entertainment recognizes the enormous amount of talent in the New England area. We wish to provide a professional, high quality, multi-­‐platform vehicle to local, independent artists and business owners, giving them global exposure.      
   We at Granite Coast Entertainment are excited to have the opportunity to provide the world with access to the best independent New England music, businesses and culture. Our goal is to publish the first edition of Granite Coast Magazine between January 1st and January 15th of 2015. Granite Coast Radio will be launching sometime this fall. We welcome and look forward to your patronage and we hope you enjoy all that New England has to offer! For more information, including advertising opportunities in our premiere edition, please emailinfo@granitecoastentertainment.com

Help us build New England’s arts and cultural community

    Art and cultural activities bring about personal enjoyment, by enriching perspectives, intellectual stimulation, and opportunities for public involvement.   
   But the arts have broader impacts beyond the individual level. They can fuel community and economic development. Communities are continually competing to get the most talented and brightest workers by selling them on the cultural vibrancy of their communities—the restaurants, art galleries, music scene, architecture, public gardens, and so on. In fact, the cities that are most successful in attracting workers are the ones that have exciting art and cultural offerings.
   The arts and culture sector is an integral part of the new economy.

Bringing artist and the community together

Big features on a small device.
Smart Ear is a compact wireless Bluetooth ear-bud packed with all of today’s biggest tech features. While most wireless ear-buds will play music, we find they are generally designed around just one or two specific features. Smart Ear was not satisfied with that. We have designed our ear-buds to take advantage of all the latest technology trends. Whether you at work or at play, Smart Ear has a mode designed to make your life easier, and more enjoyable.
Smart Ear’s ergonomic design is so comfortable you can wear it anywhere, and small enough to be nearly invisible. And Smart Ear is completely waterproof, why you can even wear it while swimming.
Smart Ear’s Bluetooth technology allows lightning fast and crystal clear communication between your mobile device and your Smart Ear ear-buds, in a package so small, comfortable, and easy to use, you’ll never want to take them out. Listen to the music you like, or maybe your favorite audio book, anywhere and anytime. But Smart Ear’s are more than just great headsets for talking on the phone or listening to music. They are much, much more.
Just look at our long list of features:
We know how busy you are so each wirelessSmart Ear ear-bud comes complete with it’s own stylish mobile charging case so you can re-charge your Smart Ear anywhere and anytime. And each case is small enough to fit into a pocket or a purse for your convenience.
Safe Mode:
Yes, we live in a dangerous, crazy world, and as much as we would like to drown it all out, we know that is not always the safest thing to do. Whether you are driving your car through traffic or walking down the sidewalk, it is essential that you are aware of what is going on around you. Believe it or not, the number of people who have suffered injury or death while wearing headphones has nearly tripled
In the last six years. Why? This is because most earphones block out too much noise. Wearers unable to hear approaching traffic, warning shouts, car horns, or even an approaching train have been badly hurt and even killed because the ear phones they were wearing blocked out to much sound. Many lives could have been saved if the victim had heard the warnings. With Smart Ear you can enjoy your tunes and still be safe. Simply tap your earpiece once and you can safely listen to your music and still hear traffic, car horns, or other warning signals.

Experiential Marketing takes your brand, your company’s story directly to your customers, and future customer. Now this is not a new concept by any means; in fact, businesses have been doing it for as long as merchants have sold their wares to the public. If you’ve ever gone to a farmers market you have, “experienced” experiential marketing in its most basic form. Instead of you driving your car to the farm to buy produce, the farmer brings his produce to you. You still get to see the fresh green zucchini’s and leafy lettuce, the bright red of a tomato. You pick up and feel the firmness of a melon in your hand. The smell of farm fresh produce fills your senses. And you experience this all without getting your shoes muddy. For his part, the farmer arranges his display to grab your attention away from the other venders, to draw you in and get you to buy from his stand. As you pick through the baskets he or she may start a friendly conversation with you, maybe about the weather, or compliment your clothes. Maybe they mention the fresh picked basketful of corn on the other side of his stand. As you listen, and respond, he or she is creating a personal connection with you.

In this one instance the farmer has used four of the five senses, sight, sound, smell, and feel. All with the hope you will purchase and taste what he has grown. This is what experiential marketing is all about. Giving your customers an experience, engaging their senses, developing a personal connection with them. A good experience will get them to buy, a great experience will keep them coming back again and again.

Here on Coastal Roots Radio, we play a fun blend of Country, Blues, Folk, Americana, and even a little jazz. Played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our ever-growing list of talented artist, we encourage you to tune in often. Who knows? You might just hear your next favorite artist.

Hilton Park

Hailing from Southern Maine, the Award winning acoustic roots trio, Hilton Park share their unique blend of timeless tales and soulful blood harmony with New England audiences young and old.

Combining veteran musical and songwriting skills with teen prodigy, father/son team, Bruce and Conor Hilton are joined by family friend, Gregg Pannier. Together their 3-part vocal sound creates the ‘blood harmony’ only heard in family groups (from the Everly Brothers to the Avett Brothers) with a melodic skill often compared to Crosby, Stills and Nash. Hilton Park is known throughout the Northeastern U.S. for their earthy, emotionally expressive, and superbly crafted Americana, Folk, and Blues music.

Granite Coast Entertainment, corp, is asking for your help in building New England’s arts and cultural community.
  Granite Coast Entertainment magazine and radio is a multi-media company promoting New England music, and sports, while providing a broad marketing platform for businesses, like you.
  Communities are continually competing to get the most talented and brightest workers by selling them on the cultural vibrancy of their communities – the restaurants, art galleries, music scene, and so on. In fact, the cities that are most successful in attracting workers are the ones that have the most exciting art and cultural offerings. It’s been shown that the arts and culture sector is an integral part of the new economy.
  As a business, while you may want to help, you certainly don’t want to throw your advertising dollars into the wind.
  For example – How many times have you been asked to sponsor a particular artist or event? Sure it may be a great cause, but your exposure is generally limited, based on the artist, genre, or location.
  Granite Coast Entertainment can give (Insert name of company) a much broader reach both in demographics and total numbers reached, and often for the same money you spent on a specific sponsorship.
  By combining Print, Radio, and Social media, Granite Coast Entertainment can offer (Insert name of company) visibility through all three for the price you’d usually pay for just one ad.
Website – Over 5,000 page views per day.
Radio – 1,000’s of listeners & growing
Magazine – Print ~ 10,000 issues, Digital ~ unlimited
How much did you spend on your last sponsorship?
What do you think your reach was?
Bringing artist and the community together.
Good afternoon Mr. Peters,
My name is Rick Stephens, president and founding partner of Granite Coast Entertainment, Corp. I believe we spoke a few weeks back on one of Ray Freedell’s calls.
As exciting as it is to be living in Maine, the leader in micro-brewing in the states, I understand the need for existing company’s, like D.L. Geary, to protect and grow their market share. Changes in Maine state law make this ever more important as new brewers find it easier and cheaper to open up and distribute throughout New England.
I know that some of the larger brewers, like Shipyard Brewing, are embracing these changes as it benefits them directly. Big, small, or in-between, marketing has never been more important for this industry.
As you know, marketing is about visibility. Granite Coast Entertainment is unique in that we provide our partners with multiple media sources: Full color print magazine, three radio stations, web/social media, and live events. Even though our focus is regional, i.e. the six New England states, our reach is worldwide. 10,000 issues of our free magazine is distributed through retail stores and venues (many offering Geary Beer) throughout New England. The New England Music Award edition will also be distributed at the event in Foxboro, MA. A digital version is available on line. Our radio stations have listeners from around the United States and 24 countries’. Our website is currently getting over 30,000 page views per day and growing.
A Granite Coast Entertainment, “Marque,” sponsor receives visibility at all events sponsored or supported by Granite Coast Entertainment. This includes New England Music Awards and the Maine Blues Festival. Other events and festivals around New England are still in negotiation but include Portland Beer Week, and several large shows.
We are excited to announce that we are the only station permitted to broadcast live at The Music Awards.
In conclusion, I believe we would be a good addition to your overall marketing plan.